What is wxEmbedded®

wxEmbedded® name and logo are registered trademarks of KOAN Software


On March 2002 Koan software announced that a new project has been started by our company with wx-developers group.

"After years of wishing, several recent projects have brought this closer to being a reality thanks to KOAN who has given the motivation behind all wxEmbedded project"

-- Julian Smart, wxWidgets founder

Here are the current strands in the wxEmbedded strategy, some points are already working, some are works in progress

  • wxWidgets for X11 (wxX11)
  • wxWidgets for GTK+ (wxGTK)
  • wxWidgets for Nano-X (wxNano-X)
  • wxWidgets for Microwindows (wxMicrowindows)
  • wxWidgets for SciTech MGL (wxMGL)
  • wxWidgets for MS Windows CE (wxWinCE)
  • Host tools, such as wxEmulator

Platforms supported are : x86 and ARM


wxIndustrialControls [KWIC]

Description: These are the Koan wxIndustrialControls [KWIC]
KWIC library provide a set of graphical widgets for showing digital and analogic values.
Available objects are:

  • Angular Meter
  • Linear Meter
  • Angular Regulator
  • Linear Regulator
  • Bitmap Switcher
  • Bitmap Check Box
  • LCD Display
  • LCD Clock

This library is quite old and at the moment is unmantained.