Windows CE

Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner

Koan is Windows CE beta tester since 1997
and is the first italian company
MSWEP Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner

Since 2010 KOAN no longer supports Windows systems
to fully focus the efforts on embedded Linux


Windows CE - embedded e real time

Microsoft Windows CE .NET, is the new real-time operating system. It was created by Microsoft to develop sophisticated applications for devices based on microprocessor architecture. Microsoft Windows CE .NET supports hundreds of different microprocessors from four different families (x86, ARM, MIPS, PPC) providing each of them with excellent development capabilities.

Window CE .NET has a wide range of development tools including Embedded Visual C++ and Visual Studio .NET. These tools allow very complicated applications to be built at a low-cost and a considerable reduction in processing power. This aspect combined with Microsoft's new marketing policy enables Windows CE .NET to build low-cost devices.

With a complete operating system feature set and comprehensive development tools, Windows CE .NET contains the features developers need to build, debug, and deploy customized Windows CE. NET-based devices.

The platform development tool, Platform Builder, is a fully integrated development environment (IDE) and includes a software development kit (SDK) export tool.

Windows CE .NET supports Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++® and Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET, providing a complete development environment for building Web services and applications for the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, a subset of the Microsoft .NET Framework on the desktop. With these tools, developers can rapidly build smart designs running rich applications on the latest hardware.

February 2003 : WinCE.NET 4.2 installed on Intel Lubbock Cotulla



The latest version, Windows CE .NET 6.0, expands upon the solid foundation developed in previous Windows CE versions by providing:

  • Support for secure and scalable networking.
  • Enhanced real-time processing.
  • Faster performance.
  • Richer multimedia and Web browsing capabilities.

Greater interoperability with personal computers, servers, Web services, and devices.

Discover the comprehensive set of features and technologies supported in Windows CE .NET 6.0 and let Windows CE .NET help you create the future, one component at a time.