Software development, applications development, native or cross-platform device drivers for Linux
The objective of KOAN's courses is to supply to the participants a complete technical preparation that puts them in the position to managing the job or the whole project in autonomy.  The course comes normally binds together to you as a result of a project start-up. 

Linux embedded

Training courses provides high quality training in embedded Linux systems development. Courses include plenty of hands-on training for a rich experience.
This allows students to practice the skills needed to successfully develop, test, and integrate complex embedded system software.

The starting point of a course is is related to many factors, mainly to the participants knowledge. 
The course can also be tailored in order to guarantee to each company the best relationship between investment and goals. 
The courses are held from KOAN staff at the customer's facilities or at KOAN offices in Bergamo. 
There are no limits to the number of participants even if the maximum advised number is of 3-4 people for course.

All our sessions are made of theory and practice, on real hardware that we provide. The agendas are built to provide the best coverage of the topics, and are designed to introduce the concepts in a progressive way.

Training Formazione BeagleBone


All courses are in Italian language. Courses in English are available on request.

All courses will be organized using desktop systems based on Ubuntu linux as Host system.

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On-site sessions

We can also send a trainer to train your engineers at your own location, anywhere in the world.


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Up to date learning and materials

We live in an environment which evolves rapidly. This is particularly true with the Linux kernel and Free Software community websites. Hence our materials and practical labs are constantly kept up to date. You do not learn about obsolete features and you only practice with recent kernel versions.


Training techniques

KOAN practical labs are not a wasting time activity like the ones found too often, it is mor like a crash course in which youdo only the interesting part in less time.

Instead, our practical labs instructions are very clear about what goals are, but do not tell much about how to achieve them. You really understand some things when you practice them, and our labs try to put you in situations that reveal details you may not have understood well.

When this happens, the audience can go back to lecture materials and ask questions to the instructor. That’s much better than when questions arise later on the real job, and the instructor is no longer there.

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