Software Development

C++ Qt QML software development


Software development, applications development, native or cross-platform device drivers for Linux

System Integration
Putting newest solutions based without distinction on Proprietary Software and Free Software to work in a pre-existing environment: HTTP, DNS, Mail, File servers, Office Automation, Groupware solutions.


Qt development
User Interface Application development with Qt

Qt / QML Applications development
We offer support for the development of user interfaces (UI) using the Qt toolkit in C++/QML. Among our services we can manage the portability of preexisting software from Windows and Mac OSX systems towards Linux embedded and the integration of the Qt framework in the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded development system.


Processori ARM

C/C++ applications for Linux with ARM

Cross Platform Software Development and Porting
C/C++ cross platform software development forLinux operating systems. We are very experienced in existing applications porting from old operating systems and old languages to the newest one

ARM automotive
ARM Wireless


Linux device drivers development

Koan is specialized in system integration and solution development for ARM family processors

Kernel Device Drivers [Linux]
Device drivers for various hardware, both internal (ISA, PCI and on-board components) and external (USB etc.)

X11 and Graphic Drivers [Linux]
Drivers for graphic video cards and drivers for input devices such as touch screens and software keyboards

User Space Drivers [Linux]
Software abstractions for serial devices, simple I/O etc. Network servers to export acquired data