Qt Course C++/QML

Qt Course C++/QML

Qt training

Qt is a free and open-source widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces as well as cross-platform applications that run on various software and hardware platforms such as Linux, Windows, macOS, Android or embedded systems.
The Qt toolkit offers a huge set of features and APIs and is impossible to cover every aspect of the classes and functionalities provided in a single course.
For this reason we are offering this high level, introductory crash course that will give you a complete overview of the main features in a single day.
The Qt course is focused on C++ widgets and QML QtQuick using QtCreator for multi-platform graphic library Qt and Qt embedded.


This course is designed to jump-start embedded development projects using the Qt toolkit with C++ and QML programming languages.
You will give software engineers a solid understanding of the programming and build process from compilation to creating several Qt running applications.

After this course you will master the following topics:

    • Qt toolkit features
    • Qt instruments like QtCreator, QtDesigner, QtLinguist
    • The build process to customize an application
    • Details about Qt embedded application
    • The creation of real application examples
    • You will step through all phases of Qt development using C++ and QML with laboratory exercises to provide hands-on practice you can take directly to your projects
    • Use of the debugger to analyze applications


    • It is required a good knowledge of the C++ language
    • Students are expected to provide their own computers for the class
    • The preferred operating system is Ubuntu Linux


QtCreator training course


Covered topics:

  • Qt introduction
  • Qt Licensing
  • Discovering Qt Designer
  • Qt Object Model and signal slot concept
  • QString, collections and files
  • Internationalization and QtLinguist
  • Threads and asynchronism
  • GUI - Widgets layout and manipulation
  • GUI - B2 - Widgets Look and Feel
  • GUI - C1 - The Model View Framework
  • QML - QtQuick and QML
  • QML - Communicating between Qt and QML
  • Debugging with QtCreator


Qt coffee machine GUI



  • Date: Bergamo or at customer site
  • Duration: 1 single day


For more detailed information, please refer to the italian page (link below)

  • Data: vedi questo link
  • Luogo : Bergamo città
  • Lingua : Italiano
  • Scheda utilizzata: Proprio notebook
  • Numero partecipanti: massimo 10
  • Minimo iscrizioni: il corso si terrà solo al raggiungimento di un minimo di 5 persone
  • Programma del corso:
  • Prezzo: contattaci


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